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Universal Archive ink for most printers.

    Our high quality ink does not clog or damage heads as competitors do. If proper photo paper is used, the print out is not soluble in water. Your brilliant colour pictures could last generations with no colour fade. Pigment ink is for intense colour such as text printing. Dye ink is for brilliant colours. 6 colours or over printers require photo ink as well. Photo inks are lighter in colours. Do not use them on 4 colour printers. If your printer has separate black cartridge, you require black pigment ink for that cartridge. Our inks are available in 60ml, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1-litre sizes.


Cat # Package Colour Description You pay
PB43260 60ml Black Pigment ink for text printing $7.00
PB432125 125ml     $12.60
PB432250 250ml     $22.60
PB432500 500ml     $40.00
PB4321000 1 litre     $70.00
DB45060 60ml Black Dye black ink for colour printing $6.00
DB450125 125ml     $10.80
DB450250 250ml     $19.40
DB450500 500ml     $34.50
DB4501000 1 litre     $62.00
DC45160 60ml Cyan Dye cyan ink $6.00
DC451125 125ml     $10.80
DC451250 250ml     $19.40
DC451500 500ml     $34.50
DC4511000 1 litre     $62.00
DM45260 60ml Magenta Dye magenta ink $6.00
DM452125 125ml     $10.80
DM452250 250ml     $19.40
DM452500 500ml     $34.50
DM4521000 1 litre     $62.00
DY45360 60ml Yellow Dye yellow ink $6.00
DY453125 125ml     $10.80
DY453250 250ml     $19.40
DY453500 500ml     $34.50
DY4531000 1 litre     $62.00
DLC45460 60ml Photo Cyan Dye, light colour ink for photo printing $7.00
DLC454125 125ml     $12.60
DLC454250 250ml     $22.60
DLC454500 500ml     $40.00
DLC4541000 1 litre     $70.00
DLM45560 60ml Photo Magenta Dye, light colour ink for photo printing $7.00
DLM455125 125ml     $12.60
DLM455250 250ml     $22.60
DLM455500 500ml     $40.00
DLM4551000 1 litre     $70.00
S10 10ml   Syringe $2.00
S50 50ml   Syringe $4.00


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