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           Nowadays insecticides, herbicides, preservatives, and fertilizer have been abusively used in agriculture. Long-term consumption of these foods can cause cancer and all kinds of diseases. Organic health foods are grown using the traditional agricultural method, but scientifically to eliminate all harmful substances. These foods are special because they keep their full nutritional value without resorting to using chemicals or genetic alteration. Our products are healthier for you and you might have difficulty to acquire them in supermarkets. It is worth it to pay a little bit more on food prices now than to have to pay high medical bills later. We would be glad to assist you in having a healthier life.

All products listed are organically grown. All prices in Kg. Price subject to change without notice. Free delivery in the Toronto vicinity on above $200.00 purchases.

Product by Kg By bag Kg/bag
Black beans (Turtle) $3.12 $14.40 5.00
Kidney beans $3.32 $34.80 11.34
Chick peas $3.15 $33.00 11.34
Soya beans $1.66 $38.40 25.00
Whole almonds


Whole cashew nuts $17.43 $182.40 11.34
Pumpkin seeds $7.15 $33.00 5.00
Sunflower seeds $4.49 $20.70 5.00
Short grain brown rice $2.64 $55.20 22.68
Millet $2.28 $10.50 5.00
Quinoa $4.30 $45.00 11.34
Apricots $9.36 $43.20 5.00
Thompson raisin $5.93 $74.40 13.60
By bottle    
Soy-based Nayonaise, 710ml $6.00    
Cold pressed hemp seed oil, 500ml $18.00    
Wild rice pasta, 454gm bag $4.00    
Snap detergent, 10L $100.00    

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