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Package deals:
Single satellite system installation, Can$400.00.  (33" system Can$360.00) System includes
One Forsat Ultra receiver Can$150.00
One 39 dish Can$120.00
Cable and miscellaneous Can$20.00
Installation labour Can$110.00

60 satellites capability system, which can receive up to 5000 channels. Can$700.00. System includes
One Forsat Ultra receiver Can$150.00
One 39 motorized dish Can$290.00
Cable and miscellaneous Can$20.00
Installation labour Can$240.00

Easy payment plan, for your immediate possession. 
$200.00 down payment, $50.00 per month for 1 year.

We use Universal Satellite Automatic Location System. Our system has been tested under severe weather condition. We use extra large dish for better signal quality. If you purchase from our competitor, make sure they could supply you equivalent quality product.

Free to air receiver price list:
Ariza 700 Can$180.00
Digitwave Can$180.00
Fortec Star Lifetime Ultra Can$200.00
Forsat Ultra Can$150.00
Pansat 2500A compatible Can$120.00
Pansat 2700E Can$270.00
Pansat 3500S Can$290.00
Coolsat 4000 pro Can$290.00
Topfield TF300Fi  Can$220

New receivers has no data. We provide free channel setup on all receivers purchased from us.

Dish pricelist:
Ariza 33 (diameter measurement 30"x32") Gray Can$90.00
Ariza 39 (diameter measurement 33"x36") Gray Can$120.00 
Multi Star 39"(diameter measurement 33.5"x37") Gray Can$130.00
Multi Star 39"(diameter measurement 36"x39") White Can$140.00
Fortec Star 39"(diameter measurement 39"x43") White Can$160.00

Stab HH90  Can$150.00

Antennae for local channels:
Channel Master 106", UHF, VHF, FM, Gold Metal Can$105.00
Channel Master 180", UHF, VHF, FM, Gold Metal Can$195.00
4" wall mount    Can$10.00
8" wall mount     Can$20.00
10' 1.5" Mast 16 gauge    Can$25.00

Tripod for ground and roof top installation  Can$60.00

RG6 cable Can$0.20 per foot 

RG6 connector  Can$0.50 each

Inline amplifier: Can$15.00 each

Quad dish switch: Can$20.00 each

Satellite dish installation pricelist: 
Installation consultation, free
Field installation consultation Can$50.00
Fixed position up to 18 - 28 dish installation on wall    Can$100.00
Fixed position up 30 - 33 dish installation on wall    Can$150.00
Fixed position 36 - 39 dish installation on wall    Can$200.00
Fixed position 40 up dish installation on wall    Can$300.00
Motorized dish installation add $100.00
Ground (pour concrete) and rooftop (roof top reinforcement) installation, add    Can$150.00
Channel setup    Can$50.00
Dish alignment    Can$100.00
Dish moving    Can$50.00 + installation charge.
Antennae installation    Can$100.00

Extra TV installation:
Same floor, or ground floor to basement    Can$50.00
Ground floor to second or third floor    Can$100.00 

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