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Installation Guide

    There are hundreds of satellites above the equator. Many TV signals are free, no subscription fee, no encryption. These programs even have better quality than those you are paying. They have more educational programs, less violence movies, instant news, latest science report, military, health, shopping, religion, sports, many languages, detailed documentation, specialized critics, and much more. Your receiver is capable to receive up to 5000 TV channels, and radios from around the world. You can watch TV programs from your own country. People used to monitor the world with short wave radio. With nowadays technology, you can use satellite to monitor the world. This system starts from $250, installation not included. We can install a motorized satellite dish, which can handle up to 60 satellites. Come to our show room to verify before you purchase. This system could pay by itself within two years on the money you saved on cable or pay satellite. It increases the scope of your vision. Your kids will be better educated. It worth the money you are paying for.

Channels available in North America:

Language: Albanian, Abu Dhabi, Bosnian, Cambodian, Chinese, 中央, 新唐人, 宏觀, Croatian, English, Dutch, Flemish, Filipino, French, German, Georgian, Hungarian, Hindi, Iranian, Italian, Jordan, Jamahirya, Japanese, Korean, Kurdistan, Kuwait, Laos, Oman, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Qatar, Romanian, Russian, Saudi Arabian, Serbian, Spanish, Sudan, Syria, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Yemen, Vietnamese, and etc.

Movie: ABC, CBS, Fox, Lick, NBC, PAX, PBS, UPN, WB,  Tan, 台視, and etc.

Religion: 3abn, Cornerstone, Church, CTS, Daystar, JCTV, JSTV, Hope, LLBN, TBN, Light, Living Faith, Reformation, SBN, World Harvest, Shepherd’s, Moslem, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist, 大愛, 人間,華藏, and etc.

Education: Fashion, Health, Law, Military, News, Science, Shopping, Sport, Stock, University, Brigham Young U, Nasa, New York,  Pentagon, Puerto Rico, Primedia news, Step Star, Utah, U of Utah, U of Washington, and etc.  

For latest information on channels available, please visit
Please pay attention to colour coding listed on bottom of page.  Select only Ku band, clear digital, and watch out coverage area. Satellite TV is still at infancy stage. We recommend you to install motorized system for future expansion. We do not do piracy on pay TV systems. Please do not call us on Dish Network, Bell Expressvu, Direct TV, Star Choice, 110, 121, pay per view, movie channel and etc. Above channels are not FTA. We would not help you on illegal matters.


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