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Below are frequently asked questions that we faced daily with our customers. If you have further questions, we are very glad to assist you.

What is FTA?
Free to Air Satellite TV is the system that the broadcaster willingly let you watch their programs free of charge. They are mainly educational, government, religion, commercial, trial and etc channels. Pay TV such as Bell Expressvu, Star Choice, Dish Network, Direct TV, pay per view, movie channel, 110, 121 are not Free to Air. Some people steal these signals and make excuses by claiming they are FTA. Please do not call us for assistance on pay TV information. We would not help you on illegal matters.

What kind of programs and channels I can watch?
For latest channels and programs information, please visit Since the world is round, you can only receive the satellites on the same side of the world in your location. You must watch out the colour coding, coverage area, and types of signals on the web page. You can only receive clear digital signal on Ku band. C band requires huge disk of at least 8 feet diameter. Do not waste money on C band because they are going to be obsolete.

Is there any monthly charge?
There is no monthly fee on true FTA. Free to Air is perfectly legal.

What is the difference between pay TV and FTA?
Pay TV signals are usually encrypted to prohibit people from watching unless paid. Some times pay TV also deliver clear signal for try out. Clear signals are call FTA. These signals are broadcasting from the same satellites. It is just depending on the ability of your receiver to receive them.

Will FTA have good future?
Cost of launching satellites is going down. FTA is still on infancy stage. The Hi-Tech group is planning to launch at least 100 free HD channels. These channels will contain 90% entertainment programs and 10% gospel. It will be relay by 6 satellites to cover the whole world. We expect that we can grab the whole world's subscription once we launched these channels. The advertising power is tremendous. We have investment opportunity open to the public.

Can I buy a receiver which can receive pay TV?
It is illegal to sell receivers, which can decrypt pay TV signal. You won't be able to find them on the market. Some FTA receiver manufacturers pay a third party to write programs which can modify their receivers to make them capable to steal pay TV signal. These modification programs are made downloadable from the Internet through a third party web sites. These modifications would work for a short period of time, because broadcaster would cut you off from watching by changing the encryption key daily.

What is auto roll?
Auto roll is features of hacker's programs which can automatic detect key change. It could make you less hassle to steal pay TV signal. However this feature works only a longer period. Broadcaster could change identity makes your modification in vain. Then you have to download and modify your receiver again and again until your receiver manufacturer no longer pay to third party to support the model of your receiver. You would find yourself keep on buying new receiver every time a new model comes out. Or you might have to pay some fees to get support on your older model. Your payment would not guarantee it could work. There is no permanent solution on stealing signal.

Would police come to search my house, do I need a license?
Police needs a warrant issued by court to enter private property. You are not violating any law on FTA, which you are entitled to watch. You do not need a license on receiving signal.

Why are there free signals?
There are always some reasons for somebody willing to pay the bill for you. They could be

bulletTest watch. Promotion before launching new channels.
bulletNot enough subscription, so they open the channels for free trial, while existing subscribers still has to pay for the bill.
bulletFree subscription.
bulletContains advertisement, profit comes from advertising. 
bulletTravel, cultural or political promotions
bulletPropaganda, building national image.
bulletEducational programs, paid by governments, and universities.
bulletBusiness promotions.

Does free to air have inferior programs?
FTA has purer and less violent programs. It is more educational, and gentle than pay programs. Many countries want to promote their tourist business, cultures, political influence, and etc. They provide top quality movies for you to watch. These movies are usually carefully selected to fit all ages. Otherwise, it will have adverse effect. Many countries pump millions of dollars to build image. Their programs are excellent. In fact, many pay TV channels are just duplicated from FTA with encryption added. You are just paying money to watch these programs, which you are entitled to get free.

Are free stuffs any good?
Free to air are sponsored by people who care about you. Government cares about your education. Many countries care about their own citizens overseas. God cares about you. Your salvation is free, but it is the best, which no money can buy. People refuse free stuffs and want to get stained by violent, dirty and evil movies.

Can I watch local channels?
In United States, Analogue TV will be off the air by 17th February 2009. In Canada, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), has set August 31, 2011. The EU has decided to cease all analogue television transmissions by the year 2012. Many free local channels receivable on antennae will be cut off by 2009. If your local channel is also on satellite and is clear signal, then, you can watch them on FTA. We believe there will be big changes on TV system by 2009. The valuable radio spectrum will be auctioned to mobile phones. Many small TV stations will be out of business by that time because they do not have money to update their system. We believe many stations will take this advantage to charge subscription fee. There supposed to have terrestrial digital TV. We believe there won't be many of them.

Can I install my dish on condominium?
FCC of USA has passed new law to allow tenants to install dishes on condominium. Canada does not have such a law yet. Some cable companies signed contracts with condominium to provide signal. They have no right to force you to use their signal. Many condominiums will get mad with you on drilling holes on wall and make bad looking on the building. 

What is the environmental prerequisite for my installation?
In North America, for motorized dish installation, you need a wall or roof facing South with 65 clearance. It should be as high as possible. The elevation angle is depending on latitude. In Toronto area, it is 42 at South and 20 at both extremes. For single satellite installation, the requirement is much lower.

What different is your system to other peoples' system?
Other peoples' system is looking for lowest price to pinch signal. Their dishes are small and fixed to single satellite. If the broadcaster shut down, you investment would sit dud. Our system is very flexible. It is capable to capture up to 60 satellites or 5000 channels. Our system never goes down. 

Why is your system more expensive?
Our system is more expensive because it has bigger motorized dish. It takes longer time and higher skill to install. Our system is very reliable. It has been tested under severe weather with no degrading of performance. It can receive even under heavy snow. 

Why are your dishes bigger?
Many pay TV use small and close area coverage to increase signal strength. So you can use 18" dish to receive. FTA is a wide area system. The signal coverage area is from Atlantic to Pacific oceans. We use 39" dishes.

Can my dish used on pay TV reusable?
Not much of a use, because it is too small, and it is also a fixed position dish.

What advantage do I have if I purchase receiver from you?
New receivers do not have data in it. It will take you several weeks of work to do proper set-up even you are an expert. We provide free channel set-up on products we sold.

What kind of work involved with channel set up?

  1. Find your coordinates.
  2. Do Universal Satellite Automatic Location System set up.
  3. Add missing satellites of which the manufacturer did not install.
  4. Remove satellites, which are not in your coverage territory.
  5. Correct mistakes on manufacture's transponder data.
  6. Add missing transponders.
  7. Remove bad transponders.
  8. Search channels on each satellite.
  9. Delete or hide bad channels.
  10. Identify and rename each channel to more meaningful names. 
  11. Sort and organize channels.
  12. Categorize channels according to interests.

Can I do installation myself?
We have web pages to show you how.

Do I need a licence to do installation?
There is no licence required on installing receive only dishes.

Will your system be reusable if more advanced broadcasting system come out?
You might just have to upgrade or replace the receiver. There is no need to replace the dish. Our system is designed expandable.

Why are there repeat channels even on same satellites?
This is because the broadcasters point their transponders to multiple coverage areas. If your dish is big, you can receive signal from fringe area too. 

Is digital TV has better quality than analogue TV?
Not necessary. The quality of digital TV depends on how much bandwidth the broadcaster willing to pay. Some high-end analogue TV has comb filter which can increase the frequency response to show very fine details. If an analogue TV has strong signal and well tune, it has better picture quality than digital. 

Why are some channels blurry?
Broadcasters save cost on reducing bandwidth. Signal quality depends on bandwidth.
Why digital TVs take longer time to tune into the channel?
Digital receiver is in fact a computer. A computer needs time to process signal. For encrypted signal, it will take even longer time to process. If you put two receivers in parallel, you could find them have time differences.

Why is my receiver freeze up occasionally?
Digital receiver can freeze up as computer does. If you experience such trouble, unplug and reboot system. You cannot just switch off. You must cut off power completely to reboot.

Why do I see squares and intermittently frozen pictures?
Weak signal could make computer miss resolution, resulting squares on pictures or have sound but frozen pictures. This is happening more frequently on small dish, high noise figure LNB, or windy day. You can forecast there is a heavy rainfall coming on your way on sudden lost of signal.

What is LNB?
Low noise block is a sensor on the dish to detect the signal. The lower the noises figure the better is the quality. Typical good quality LNB has a noise figure of 0.3db and a gain of 60 db. Dual or quad LNB have higher noise figures and lower gain. It can reduce the signal quality. Most receivers have built in splitter and switch, which you can cascade, to second receiver. If the first receiver is turned off, the motor control will transfer to second receiver and so on. There is a signal lost on each cascade.

What is a DISEqC switch?
If you have multiple dishes connected to a receiver, you can use switch to switch between these dishes. There is a signal lost of 3db. We recommend you use motorized dish instead of installing multiple dishes. Motorized dish gives better signal quality and better looking.

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