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    Two identical looking computers could have different contents and performance. There are many options you can select. A lower price offer can easily compensated by substituting with lower quality components. Therefore, price is not an important factor on selecting a computer.

    Computers with indistinguishable contents could still perform different because they have different set-up. A proper set-up will make your system smarter to utilize resources. An inappropriate configuration can freeze the screen, slow down the system, give errors, cannot print, crash, and give many other troubles.

    Software and hardware have to be upgraded frequently even after purchasing. New drivers have lots of bugs and they must be updated until all troubles disappear. These drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer's web site. Your supplier should be very familiar with the component manufacturers through the Internet. After market technical support is essential on considering your dealer.

    Hi-Tech can give you full technical support even after many years. We are A+ certified. All technician in a A+ lab must pass the certification with A+ grades. A+ certified supplier is a guarantee of technical know how.

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