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Hi-Tech Service Centre Canon Printer Service Rate

Model Labour rate Notes
Warranty repair Free Shipping on both way not included
BJ-5,10,20 series $40.00  
BJC-50,70,80 series
BJ-300 series
BJ-330 series
BJC-600,610 series $80.00  
BJC-800,820 series $100.00  
BJ-100,200 series
BJC-210,240,250 series
BJC-1000 series
BJC-4000-4400 series
BJC-2000-2100 series
BJC-5000-5100 series $60.00  
BJC-6000 series $80.00  
BJC-7000 series $100.00  
LBP4 series $150.00  
LBP8 series $250.00  
LBP430,460,465 series $120.00  
All Fax machines $100.00 We can not do warranty repair on Fax
Test print and cleaning, ink $10.00 Most model
Test print and cleaning, $20.00  
Test print and cleaning, laser $80  
Visual or verbal estimation
Open inspection
Refused estimation: $20.00  

Warranty service must include bill of sales, photo copy acceptable. Shipping on both way not included.
Above price list does not include major parts, or shipping on either way.
Please instruct us how to ship it back to you.
Shipping damages must claim to courier.
Business hour: 9am to 5pm weekdays, weekend and after hours  by appointments only.
Map to our service center

Hi-Tech E Commerce
5143 Tomken Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1P1, Canada.
To place order, please send Email to:  
( 905-625-9261,  Map to our store.