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    Print head is an electrical device where printing actually occurs. It can consist of single row or multiple rows of nozzles. Each nozzle is a small tunnel equipped with a heat gun. When electrical pulses of energy are applied to it, droplets of ink will be ejected. It just works like a microscopic spray gun. Canon print head have 64, 128, 256 nozzles depending on models.
    Print head is the most labour intensive device. It has to eject billions droplet of ink to create an image. Therefore, it has limited life. The requirement of ink quality is very high. Unacceptable specification ink can cause ink clog. Continue printing with a clogged head or dry head can cause overheat. Eventually it will melt down the head. Further printing with a melt down head can damage the logic board. Ink going through the head has cooling effect. Customer installing new head should make sure to remove all packaging materials, including the orange colour tape as you have seen the in picture. Canon uses orange colour code on all products to indicate user must remove them before use. 
    Canon print head have one time use, multiple use, and lifetime use type. Most black only ink cartridges are equipped with one time use head. The head will be disposed when the ink is finished. Some people drill a hole, or pull the plug to refill the cartridge. They will find out that because of the third party ink they use could not meet the specifications. The head could fail before they finish with the ink.
    Most Canon colour cartridges come with multiple use head. Customer can buy refill ink tanks. These print head are user replaceable that is they do not have to bring in to service. A normal use should not burn out the head, but wears out. Print quality is inversely proportional to print volume.
    Early models of Canon printers come with lifetime head. These head are very expensive to replace. Trained technician is required to perform head replacement. These head have longer life expectancy. User should aware of improper use can also damage the head.


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