Diagnostic ink printer
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The diagnostics table below is generally true to most models of Canon printers.
Further advanced level diagnostic may be required to confirm the real trouble.

Symptoms Cause Note
Totally dead No AC Power Check AC inlet, AC adapter, power connectors.
Would not power up Power switch, logic board.  
Turn on and shutdown right away Logic board  
Error light and sound Print head failed BJC-4000,5000 series most likely is print head.
BJC-600 series head clog on using third party ink.
Does not attempt to feed paper Print head failed Most likely is print head
Attempted to feed paper but retracts Paper channel blockage or jam  Remove obstacle
Does not feed envelopes Early models: Envelope switch in wrong position
Recent models: Do not use top feed, use back feed
Feed multiple sheets Early models: Paper select  lever in wrong position Paper too static or too moist can have same trouble
Doing job, but no print out No ink, print head failed, purge unit failed, did not remove orange tape on new head Stop right away, otherwise print head damage
Printing garbage Wrong printer emulation,  bad logic board, print cable Switch power of printer and computer to reboot.
Error on LPT1 Printer not online, no paper, print head error, printer cable, driver not properly installed, virus, interface board trouble, logic board Get an expert to check your printer driver
Printing suspend and resume Print head overheat, computer is slow Replace print head, check computer
White horizontal lines Print head clog up Perform head cleaning
Black horizontal smudge Dirty carriage, purge unit Cleaning required
Black vertical smudge, or soil Dirty rollers Cleaning required
Wrong colour Ink leak within print head Replace print head
Poor print quality Print head worn out Replace print head
vertical lines is slant or divided in sections Wrong print mode, print head off alignment Use photo or graphic mode 

             Repeated printed patent caused by dirty rollers.>

 < Un-able to decode print information caused by burned print head.

< No black ink.



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