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    Canon printers are very reliable products. Many complains we experienced are user related. Understanding more about them can reduce difficulty. Pay attention to following common human mistakes can improve indemnity.
    Remember to remove print head packaging material, before installing BJ cartridge. Failure to do so can break the cartridge holder, or even burn the print head.
    Do not move the carriage by hand. Brutally moving the carriage can damage either the purge unit or home position sensor. Use green button on BJC-4000 series to move carriage to middle position on changing print head. Just open front cover on BJC-2000, 5000, 6000 series will perform same function.
Use tissue moistened with alcohol or water to clean print platen, pressure rollers regularly to improve print quality. Manufacturer recommended to alcohol, we found water can do the job satisfactory. Use moisten cotton swap to clean purge unit. Use caution to apply this process because a tangled cotton fiber can pull out parts on purge unit.
On facing a paper jam. Stop printing right away. Pull paper out only in a forward direction. Pulling paper backward can damage the paper sensor.
Use very big caution on printing labels. Peeled out labels can stick inside the paper channel causing paper jam.
Use caution on printing envelopes. A swollen envelope can pull out paper eject rollers.
Use proper paper/envelope lever setting on paper feeder. Later models use back side to feed envelopes, do not feed envelopes from top.
Use proper paper thickness/envelope lever to set head gap. Improper setting can collide the head.
Keep kids away from printer. Many children like to through small toys, candy wrap into paper feeder.
Keep pets away from printer. Lose hair from animals can stick to the carriage, working like a brush to brush over your wet print.
Keep printer away from air ducts, windows, or any windy area. Air current can blow ink, making printer messy.
Keep printer away from clipboard. Dropped in thumb nail can jam printer.
Perform head cleaning on poor print quality to flush print head. Push resume button and hold un-till first beep to initiate cleaning process. Older models have to push two buttons simultaneously. If you do not know how to perform it, just unplug and plug it back. Cleaning will be automatically perform on next power up.
    Do not remove BJ cartridge every time after using. Leave them alone. Taking in and out can cause head clog.
    Retain bill of sell for warranty purpose. If it is a gift, request it. This a generally true for any products by any manufacturer.

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